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Allstate Insurance Company

Allstate is a great place to work! Allstate is a place of advanced technology, innovative products an unlimited opportunity. With more than 20 million customers, Allstate is the largest publicly held property and casualty insurance company in the nation. We have tremendous opportunities for those self-starting people who are looking for challenge, and ready for change.

At Allstate, diversity and a contributing commitment to equal opportunity have long furthered our business strategy for leveraging differences in the workplace and the marketplace. As a result of that continuing commitment, the Allstate workforce mirrors the diverse markets we serve. Of the nearly 36,000-person Allstate employee workforce, 60 percent are women, and nearly 30 percent are minorities. In respect to managers, over 40 percent are women and nearly 15 percent come from one of five minority groups.  A diverse workforce is one important factor that helps us understand and satisfy the needs of our diverse marketplace.

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